How to Successfully Reach Reporters on Social Media

Beyond the traditional phone or email pitch, social media is a new and efficient platform that some reporters prefer to receive pitches through. Jonathan Moll, Account Supervisor at Affect, shares best practices to adhere to when reaching out on social media.

Are You Ready to Hire a PR Agency?

When thinking about how to get the word out about your company or moving ahead of the competition, a PR agency could be the perfect partner to help you achieve your goals. Melissa Baratta, Senior Vice President at Affect, shares key considerations to review when deciding if your company is ready.

Dissecting the Pitch – Is Yours Falling Flat?

Securing coverage requires careful consideration and planning, especially in today’s digital age where journalists want concise and relevant pitches. Brittany Bevacqua, Senior Director at Affect, shares a few reasons on why your latest pitch is falling short.

How to Use Culture as a Media Hook

For many businesses, relying on the merits of their products alone may not be enough to garner the most coveted media placements. In this video, Sandra Fathi, President at Affect, shares how companies can share best practices about their corporate culture in order to hook media interest.

Introduction to Medium’s Self Publishing Platform

With over 13 Million monthly unique visitors, Medium is a budding platform that many companies are looking into. If your company is interested in creating a channel on this self publishing platform, here are key tips for success from Katie Creaser, Vice President at Affect.

How to Reinvigorate Your Company’s LinkedIn Strategy

LinkedIn, when properly executed and engaged with, can be a key platform for a communications program. If you are putting effort into LinkedIn but not seeing the intended results, here are a few tips from Melissa Baratta, Senior Vice President at Affect, to consider.

Taking a Page from Security Story Hijacking

This week, Affect VP Katie Creaser and I had the pleasure of attending an event hosted by our friends at LIFARS, a NYC-based cybersecurity and digital forensics firm. The event focused on cyber espionage and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), with speakers from well-known security software and hardware companies discussing the threat landscape and strategies to keep… Continue reading

8 Tips for Creative Media Relations

While product announcements often gain media coverage, it’s important to also think creatively to further the reach of any communications program. Brittany Bevacqua, Senior Director of Affect, shares eight tips to creative media relations.

Why You Should Pay to Promote Your Content

In today’s media environment, good content doesn’t necessarily make it to the top on its own merit – often times, it takes a bit of promotion to give it the lift it needs. With some financial backing, the content your company produces can go a long way. In this video, Sandra Fathi, President at Affect, shares key factors to achieving success with promoted content, including how to get it in front of the right audience at the right time.

3 Ways to Keep Your Communications Plan Hot

With summer officially upon us, many companies tend to lay off the pedal when it comes to marketing and communications. It can be tough with a rotating schedule of vacations, holidays, and early release days to keep that marketing plan running at full throttle – but summer is actually one of the best times to… Continue reading