Fifty People, One Question: Viral Video at its Best

by Affect Team on September 16, 2008


A couple of weekends ago, I had a conversation with someone about how the phrase “viral marketing campaign” is meaningless. Why? Because when marketers release great content into the wild, the campaign is over. You can make your content very easy to share and distribute — to spread virally — but, in my view, you have to abandon the expectations that the word “campaign” denotes. You must leave your plan open.

I love this video, shot in New Orleans a couple of months ago. Marketers looking for an example of a viral video need look no further. But take notice: there was no master plan, no overarching agenda at work. In the words of the director:

We had an idea: ask as many people as possible, the same question. We didn’t know exactly why, I guess we were could hope to expose a slice [of] human emotion (maybe). Just the simple act of reaching out and asking the question, is such a enthralling experience in itself. So go ahead, ask yourself…..

Planning a “viral marketing campaign?” Maybe you should just take a camera on the street and see what happens.

Bonus points for anyone who can spot my sister ;)

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Chris Blake 09.16.08 at 9:27 pm

I love this. Utterly mesmerizing.

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