Tech Affect is a blog written by team members of Affect, a strategic marketing, communications and public relations firm based in New York City.

Sandra Fathi has been in the technology industry since sandra_small.jpgher father put her to work soldering transistors onto circuit boards as a ‘fun’ summer job in grade school. Sandra started her real career as a journalist and later honed her skills in marketing and public relations for technology start-ups as well as telecom giants. An ardent entrepreneur, former drill sergeant in the Israeli army and self-admitted pop culture junky, when she’s not at work, Sandra spends most of her time being bossed around by her kids. Send her a note at sfathi@affect.com. See all blog posts by Sandra here.


Katie Creaser puts the social in social media (and if Affect had a cheerleading squad, she’d be the captain).  Katie started her career as an event planner for the financial industry, and quickly turned her love of a good tradeshow/conference/party into a passion for all things marketing and social media.  She’s been with Affect for over five years, and heads up agency’s social media and marketing programs.  She is currently plotting a way to convince Sandra to build a full kitchen in the Affect office (she’s our resident foodie).  Email Katie at kcreaser@affect.com or follow her on Twitter @ksafrey. See all blog posts by Katie here.


Melissa Baratta has been a lover of the written word since she was old enough to hold a pen. She went from writing short stories in grade school to drafting web content for her college paper and reporting on local news for the community paper. Soon after, her love for tech blossomed, and she launched a career in technology PR working with tech startups to global Fortune 500 companies. Originally from Vermont, Melissa is a self-proclaimed foodie and lover of the outdoors. When she’s not at work, she can usually be found at the park or in her kitchen with her husband and son. Contact Melissa at mbaratta@affect.com. Read Melissa’s blog posts here.


Regina Pyne would rather be reading…nonstop…all day long. Working at Affect is a way to keep her addiction to books going.  For many years, that addiction was satisfied by working at Borders Books and Music in various marketing and management roles.  While at Borders, Regina received her Masters of Arts degree in communications/public relations and then took the leap into tech as Director of Sales and Marketing at HopStop.com.  When not at work, Regina can obviously be found reading, but also glued to her Xbox 360 or Wii or at many local NYC galleries.  Catch up with her at rpyne@affect.com. See all blog posts by Regina here.

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Courtney Chauvin 04.14.09 at 3:41 pm

LOVE the new look and feel of TechAffect–great job, guys. And, of course, the new glam headshots :-)

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