Egregious Breach of PR ethics

It’s one of the Ten Commandments of PR: transparency. Apparently the Coghlan Consulting Group didn’t get the memo. Back in September the PR firm came under fire after the LA Times uncovered that Coghlan was affiliated with fake news site, News Hawks Review, and had been shamelessly promoting their client Central Basin Municipal Water District of… Continue reading

A Couple PR Basics Reminders

Happy Friday everyone! There were a couple instances this week that brought be back to my PR 101 days. We often forget many of the simple PR principles after so many years of simultaneously navigating the worlds of media and clients. I found these reminders both jarring and refreshing, so I thought I would share… Continue reading

The Business Insider Tell Us What They Want

The Business Insider decided to throw us PR folks a bone today and tell us exactly what they want and don’t in a pitch. Really, their requests are pretty simple…there are only two of them. #1. Have an actual story….about topics they cover, not just about your client #2. Send a quote…they don’t have the… Continue reading

Friday Fabulosity

On this very good Friday, I wanted to give my Affectees a shout out for a job well done.  It was a busy winter and spring is looking like it will be just as productive. As chilly winds turn to sunny days, I am continually impressed at how the team here at Affect finds every… Continue reading

New York City’s Crisis Communication Could Use Some Work

Calling all PR people! No matter what industry your clients are in and no matter what kind PR you practice, we can all learn some lessons from the city of New York’s management of the Snowpocalypse 2010. Yes, the situation has been mishandled in every aspect, but Mayor Bloomberg’s press conferences are chock full of… Continue reading

Event Recap: PCNY “Business News” Luncheon

We recently attended the Publicity Club of New York first of the Fall media luncheons.  These luncheons are designed to provide public relations professionals with a behind-the-scenes look at many of the challenges they face in the industry and include a panel of guests from the media including television, print and online outlets.  This particular… Continue reading

Don’t Forget the Basics

I had an interesting conversation with a someone today that reminded me of the importance of PR basics we were taught in PR 101. This person was explaining to me that while his company had been covered on multiple occasions by the Today Show, The New York Times and FOX News, among other national media… Continue reading

Do You Have An Exit Strategy?

Becoming a hero to disgruntled employees across the globe, JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater’s dramatic resignation has sparked a flurry of chatter around the power of PR and the effectiveness of crisis communications (and of course, how to become an overnight celebrity). Steven Slater, being the savvy business man that he is, has hired high-profile… Continue reading

PR 101 With TEBC

Yesterday I spoke to the business-savvy teens of Teen Entrepreneur Bootcamp (TEBC) about the basics of PR. They were eager to learn and I was eager to share my passion for the craft. We talked about what PR is, how companies can leverage it as part of a marketing program and the in’s and out’s… Continue reading

Affect Strategies and Teen Entrepreneur Bootcamp

Teen Entrepreneur Boot Camp (TEBC), a wonderful organization based here in NYC, has been nice enough to ask me to come speak to them about public relations. TEBC is a non-profit that teaches young people about entrepreneurship through the real life experience of starting a business. The program enables them to launch their own business… Continue reading