Breaking News? Pump the Brakes

In PR, breaking news often represents an opportunity to generate media coverage for clients. Here at Affect, we call it Story Hijacking. And we do it a lot. While speed is crucial, it’s just as important to be thorough in your approach to avoid misunderstandings or other pitfalls. After Superstorm Sandy, Garance Franke-Ruta published a… Continue reading

How to Make Your Blog the Next Hot Media Property

Recently, our own president and founder Sandra Fathi presented a webinar in conjunction with Critical Mention entitled “How to Make Your Blog the Next Hot Media Property.” Sandra covered best practices for building and maintaining a successful blog and shared a case study on Naked Security, an IT Security Blog from Sophos, that garners approximately… Continue reading

Journalists are “Getting the Picture”

The shift toward visual and graphic digital content is a trend that shows no signs of reversal. Case in point: All Things D reported that in August of this year, smartphone users spent more time on Instagram than on Twitter for the first time since Instagram launched in 2010. Contributing to the trend is the… Continue reading

Crowdsourcing Disaster Recovery: #Sandy and Social Media

As PR professionals, we spend a lot of time thinking about and using social media to deliver our clients’ messages to key audiences. But as superstorm Sandy ravaged the east coast last week, social media served the much more important purpose of delivering critical information before, during and after the storm to the people who… Continue reading