How to Name Your New Company or Product

Sandra Fathi, President and Founder of Affect, shares some advice on factors to consider when naming a new company or product.

Riding the News Wave: What is Trend Intervention?

Sandra Fathi, President and Founder of Affect, explains how to use trend intervention to break into the media and news cycle without having company or product news.

Engaging Journalists on Social Media

Affect’s President and Founder, Sandra Fathi, discusses best practices for building relationships and engaging with journalists on social media channels.

Social Media Measurement in the C-Suite

Sandra Fathi, Founder and President of Affect, shares how to present social media to the C-suite and show value by measuring the information that the C-Suite needs to hear.  

Breaking News: What is Story Hijacking?

Sandra Fathi, Founder and President of Affect, gives a lesson on how to Story Hijack, which inserts companies and their expertise into breaking news for great coverage in a timely manner. This video is part of our “90 Seconds to PR Success” video series.  

Hashtag Gone Wild: How JPMorgan Chase’s Twitter Chat Went Awry #askJPM

Recently, JPMorgan Chase (@jpmorgan) had to shut down a Twitter chat using the ill-fated hashtag #AskJPM. No, not because no one asked good questions (or the radio silence that most PR people fear), but instead, because the questions asked of James B. Lee Jr., vice chairman and top deal maker, were hostile, offensive and inciting… Continue reading

10 Takeaways from the PRSA International Conference 2013

I recently attended the PRSA International Conference in Philadelphia. I have been going to this event for a number of years and without fail, it always inspires me. I enjoy meeting public relations professionals who are just starting out their careers to leaders of some of the world’s most prominent brands and agencies. Here are… Continue reading

New Year, New Business: What are your 2013 business resolutions?

Many people talk about New Year’s resolutions as they pertain to their personal life or even professional life. But, what about New Year’s resolutions for your business? As a business owner or senior executive, now is the best time to get your business in shape to take advantage of 2013. Here are a few quick… Continue reading

@Sweden Lets Its Citizens Take Over and Bring Down Reputation of the Entire Country

There have been so many of these gaffes in Twitter’s short history that I am still surprised that organizations, or entire countries, are willing to allow a few individuals to permanently damage their reputation and image in the name of ‘democracy’ on social media. VisitSweden, a communications company that promotes the “brand of Sweden, Swedish… Continue reading

Social Media Crisis Response Times – How long do you have before the @#$% hits the fans?

Recently, we worked on a submission for a Social Media Crisis Guidebook that will be published in a few weeks. One of the issues we discussed in our chapter deals with the timeline of a social media crisis and how quickly companies need to respond. Before the advent of social media, a crisis situation typically… Continue reading