The Key to Securing Speaking Opportunities

Speaking events are a great way to build your expertise in your industry. Sandra Fathi, Founder and President at Affect, shares six keys to secure these opportunities.

Data Driven PR 2: 7 Tips on Using Data in Media

Data is a powerful tool that can be harnessed in several ways. Here are 7 tips from Sandra Fathi, President at Affect, on how to use data to gain great media opportunities.

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An Affective Giving Tradition: The Annual Charity Birthday Party

Last month, our team had the pleasure of hosting the third annual children’s charity birthday party at a homeless shelter in Harlem. The shelter, part of the Women in Need (WIN) program, provides transitional housing and vital services to break the cycle of homelessness.

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Data-Driven PR Part I: Make News with Numbers

Statistics are an important part of media relations and provides high value for reporters looking for interesting headlines. Sandra Fathi, President of Affect, describes the different ways to generate data and utilize it.

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Helping the Homeless Feels Selfish

A few weeks ago we issued a press release about how companies can be more profitable by giving time and money away to charity. In a few weeks, we’ll have the distinct pleasure of hosting a carnival for children and their families at the Jennie A. Clarke residence, a homeless shelter, in Harlem, for the… Continue reading

Leading #LikeAGirl

I had the honor of being named one of PR News’s Top Women in PR. Today, I am getting ready for an awards luncheon that will bring some of the most talented and generous women in PR together in one room. I have always felt that there is something unique and incredibly valuable about the qualities of female leadership.

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How to Name Your New Company or Product

Sandra Fathi, President and Founder of Affect, shares some advice on factors to consider when naming a new company or product.

Riding the News Wave: What is Trend Intervention?

Sandra Fathi, President and Founder of Affect, explains how to use trend intervention to break into the media and news cycle without having company or product news.

Engaging Journalists on Social Media

Affect’s President and Founder, Sandra Fathi, discusses best practices for building relationships and engaging with journalists on social media channels.

Social Media Measurement in the C-Suite

Sandra Fathi, Founder and President of Affect, shares how to present social media to the C-suite and show value by measuring the information that the C-Suite needs to hear.