In part two of our series on Pew’s 2014 State of the Media Report, we explore the growth in digital native news and the steps PR pros can take to build successful relationships with these outlets. Pew Research Center’s recently released State of the Media report gave many in the news business a reason to be cautiously optimistic. The reason? Juxtaposed against ongoing contraction in traditional print media, digital news outlets have continued to grow considerably over the past year. Amid Read more [...]
Social media crises are nothing new, but over the last year we saw more than a handful of Twitter blunders with companies like Home Depot, celebrities like Dr. Phil and even several top tier media outlets posting insensitive or offensive tweets. While one could argue that every person should aim to be diplomatic on social media, as PR executives we are even under more scrutiny to ensure our communications are appropriate. Here are four things every communicator should keep in mind before sending Read more [...]
Even after several years in the PR industry, I still enjoy “meet the press” events. These events are great opportunities to meet journalists and learn more about how your clients potentially align with the topics they cover. Most importantly, they provide critical information on how specific reporters prefer to work with PR practitioners. I recently attended a media luncheon hosted by the Publicity Club of New York, and came back with substantial insight from a handful of reporters at top-tier Read more [...]
On Wednesday, the Pew Research Center released their much-anticipated annual state of the media report. While commentators have been quick to offer their analysis of what the report means for journalists and the news industry, here at Tech Affect, we’re breaking down what the report means for PR professionals. Keeping pace with changes in the news industry is critical to providing strategic communications counsel. An intimate understanding of the latest media tools and trends allows Read more [...]
The imperative to “know your audience” is often cited as the first rule of content marketing, and with good reason. A sound understanding of your audience can inform every aspect of your content strategy, from development to distribution. But what does it really mean to “know your audience?” More importantly, what are specific ways to get to know your audience in order to maximize the results of your content marketing efforts? The answers lie in asking these six familiar questions from Read more [...]
People say that we learn a lot from our kids, and after recently becoming a new mom, I know what they mean. Important life lessons aside, learning to care for my son during the last few months has also taught me a few things that can apply to the PR world. Here, in no particular order, are the top 3 lessons: 1) Adapt: Just when I thought my son was sleeping through the night or staying on a consistent schedule—surprise!—something would go awry. The same thing applies to PR. Product releases Read more [...]
As the media landscape continues to grow, we have to re-think how we manage risk. The 24-hour news cycle, digital media platforms and content development tools provide tons of opportunities for companies to increase their visibility, but they also present more risk than ever before. Looking at risk as an opportunity can be challenging, but it can also be an essential component of success and long-term growth. Whether you work at an agency or handle PR in-house, here are 5 tips to embrace Read more [...]
Social media has changed the way that brands share information, build relationships and connect with their customers. This has broken down the traditional barriers to reaching customers and instead companies have the ability to interact more freely and directly with them. Conversely when issues arise, companies become more susceptible to the potential damage to a brand that can happen online. Most companies have crisis communications plans in place. However, many don't take social media into Read more [...]

How I Got the Hit

by Katie Koenig on February 21, 2014

Publication: U.S. News and World Report Article: Justin Bieber’s Arrest: Addicted to Wealth and Power? Client: Caron Treatment Centers Goal: The goal of the pitch was to dig deeper into Justin Bieber’s recent actions to offer commentary from our client Caron Treatment Centers, which is a nationally recognized nonprofit provider of drug and alcohol addiction treatment. The angle we wanted to take with this pitch was how Justin Bieber's latest actions may have been caused by something other Read more [...]

Tech Affect News Roundup

by Jess Sims on February 14, 2014

Happy Friday and welcome to Tech Affect’s “Friday News” round up for the week of February 17th. We have all of the biggest stories and top trending pieces in the world of public relations, social media and marketing from this week: Are you one of the 81% of small and medium-size businesses that are using social media? “LinkedIn: 81% of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Use Social Media” Social media has added a whole new dimension to customer service, but are you doing it correctly? “3 Read more [...]