3 Takeaways from our Client Satisfaction Survey

Being a good PR executive first means being a good service provider. As an agency, we put a lot of emphasis on providing excellent client service – being trusted advisors, counselors and partners. We focus on cultivating strong relationships with our clients on a daily basis, but sometimes it helps to take a formal temperature… Continue reading

White House & #SOTU: Lessons in Social Media Strategy

President Obama departed from tradition in the State of the Union (SOTU) address last week and set precedence by releasing a copy his speech via social media before he even stepped onto the House floor to address Congress. In a strategic ploy of using social media to not only inform the public but also cause… Continue reading

Technology Trends Set to Disrupt 2015

As our digital world continues to change and evolve at breakneck speeds, companies and brands need to be aware of the latest trends that could impact their businesses. The keyword here is “aware.” Just because something is a trend, doesn’t mean it is here to stay. By its very definition, a trend can be “a… Continue reading

How to Execute a Successful Social Media Contest

Affect VP Katie Creaser discusses the benefits of launching a contest on social media and provides important insights as you prepare your campaign.

Tips for Crafting Clear Messaging

Melissa Baratta, VP at Affect, shares her insights on how to create clear and compelling messaging so that all audience understand what a company is trying to convey.

When the PR Party is Over: Tips for Coping with Post-CES Depression

You had big dreams for your PR strategy at CES – and for good reason. Your product is awesome, your announcements were on-point, your CEO attended and his comments on the industry were unique, insightful and airtight. You even found extra budget for press events and the entire PR team was on the ground to… Continue reading

New Years Resolution – Empowering Your Clients

Many public relations professionals are focused on the day-to-day within the agency – securing coverage, setting strategy, developing relationships with reporters, metrics, etc. While all of this is critical, it is equally important to remember to invest and nurture the team’s relationship with the client contact, whether it’s the Marketing Manager, the PR Director, or… Continue reading

Riding the News Wave: What is Trend Intervention?

Sandra Fathi, President and Founder of Affect, explains how to use trend intervention to break into the media and news cycle without having company or product news.