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Every week, we like to hold mini-training sessions on everything from insider info from local “meet the media” events to the latest features on social media platforms. It’s a great way for our team members to share their expertise with the broader agency and learn valuable tips to help with the daily grind. Recently, I had the pleasure of leading a session that’s near and dear to my heart – running a PR campaign. Any successful PR effort requires careful planning, flawless execution Read more [...]

            Let me let you in on a little secret. I love making New Years resolutions, but I’m terrible at keeping them. All it takes is a few weeks before I slowly return to the comfort of my old habits. But this year will be different. I’m setting smaller, but still equally as important goals that I can actually reach. For my work-related resolutions, I’m vowing to ditch some of the bad habits I’ve accumulated over the years. And as Read more [...]

Hi TechAffect readers! I’m Katie Koenig, Affect’s newest hire! I was asked to write this blog post to show all NYIP entrants, voters, friends and family a glimpse into our wonderful office. I am currently one of Affect’s PR & Social Media interns and have been here since September 2011. I have loved interning at Affect and am thrilled to continue on as a full time Assistant Account Executive starting this May. Read on to see what it’s like at the Affect office! When you’re finally Read more [...]

Honors for Affect!

by Pat Gotham on December 2, 2011

This week our team earned some great honors at the PR News Awards Luncheon held in Washington, D.C. Affect was named a Top Place to Work in PR for 2011, and our very own Sandra Fathi was a finalist for Public Relations Professional of the Year for agencies in the PR People Awards. PR executives judge the PR News Awards, so we are thrilled to be recognized by our peers as a top place to work in the industry. I enjoy coming into work each and every day because of the team and overall atmosphere Read more [...]

Three months ago, I stepped onto the 6th floor of 989 Avenue of the Americas in New York City. It was my first day of my internship. There were names to memorize, a company culture to learn, and a whole lot of public relations knowledge to soak up. It was a busy summer for sure, and I learned a lot about myself as well as about Affect and public relations. In the end, my experience can be summed up into three words: cupcakes, wigs, and action. Cupcakes. When an Affect team member has a birthday Read more [...]

With more than 200 million users on Twitter, it has become increasingly difficult for people and brands to break through the noise that exists between them and their target audience on this medium. While Twitter may not have a ‘groups’ functionally like LinkedIn or Facebook, communities across the platform are able to directly engage and collaborate with each other through regular Twitter chats. Similar to other types of online chats and forums, a Twitter chat involves a group of online Read more [...]

Where the tourists go, the flyers will follow. I’ve learned that during my lengthy Midtown commutes.  My journey to work takes me through some heavy trafficked tourist areas, and on any given day, I dodge at least 20 people trying to hand me something. Sightseeing tours, restaurant coupons, nail salon deals.  You name it, there’s a flyer in my way. To me, they’re all the same – I blow by them as quickly as possible – but to businesses, it is a real opportunity to get the word out, especially Read more [...]

For my birthday in April, my mom contacted her astrologer and had her read my solar return. I’m not normally into horoscopes and star charts, but I figured if nothing else it would be entertaining. During the reading, she made one prediction that stood out to me in particular. I was going to get an internship or part-time job for the summer, and as a result of my work over the summer, someone would notice my work ethic and hire me full-time for the fall. Well guess what? As of September 1, this Read more [...]

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to attend the B2B Social Communications Leadership Forum in NYC, hosted by the Business Development Institute (BDI).  Our agency is a big fan of BDI so we were excited to have the opportunity to sponsor this one. In addition to the quality of speakers and program topics, BDI focuses each of its event on a specific vertical or industry, allowing attendees to take a deep dive into their area of expertise. For this particular event, the topic was focused Read more [...]

“Big TEAM, little me.” The baseball team at my high school always chanted this mantra to remind themselves that the accomplishments of the whole group were more important than any one person’s individual achievements. It’s catchy, right? Who knew that it could be applied outside of the sports world? At Affect, people are assigned to different accounts and work together on their tasks as a team to produce incredible results for our clients. At the staff meeting this morning, I watched as Read more [...]