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It’s common knowledge that in order to succeed in today’s business environment, a social media presence is a must. Once upon a time, this just meant having a company Facebook page and Twitter profile. But now, with an ever-expanding array of social platforms, how do you identify which ones will benefit your business objectives? Though it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the number of choices, it’s important to remember that when it comes to social, sometimes less is more. When you’re beginning Read more [...]

I recently attended a panel discussion of technology journalists from publications such as Engadget, DVICE, Men’s Fitness, ABC News and Maxim, and the conversation quickly turned to how the landscape of journalism is changing, which affects how we as PR professionals interact with different publications to secure coverage for our clients. Throughout the panel, I noticed that there seemed to be two “teams” forming based on their opinions: the younger journalists and the journalists who had been Read more [...]

Guest post from Steve Goldstein, Editorial Director of PR News. During Internet Week in New York, I attended a presentation that drove home the point that communicators are overloaded with social media options and sinking under the weight of an endless flow of data. Up on the video screen a chart displayed dozens of interconnected logos—each one representing a hot, formerly hot and soon-to-be-hot digital channel. “Does this represent your typical workday and the choices you have to make?” Read more [...]

When we launched the New York Intern Project back in February, we weren’t quite sure what to expect. We knew we had a great strategy, plus a great platform and partner with Strutta, an interactive promotions company offering an intuitive contest builder that enables businesses to manage fully branded online contests. But it was impossible to fully predict how students and potential interns would react. Well, our concerns were not needed, as it was an overwhelming success with nearly 100 entries Read more [...]

I recently read Richard Koch’s famed book “The 80/20 Principle: The Secret to Achieving More with Less” (I know I’m well over a decade late). For those who haven’t read the book, it’s a modern application of the Pareto Principle. This principle states that 80 percent of our efforts contribute to 20 percent of results while 20 percent of our efforts lead to 80 percent of results. It’s a proportion found in everything you can think of from economics, world population numbers to even dating. But Read more [...]

LinkedIn has been on a blistering pace in the past year with a bunch of new updates. Recently, the professional networking site did it again, offering a new set of plugins for use by companies. It’s as if they’re preparing for something big. But many of these new plugins have added features that give users similar capabilities that Twitter and Facebook have offered for some time. While none of these new plugins reinvent the wheel, companies should look to implement some of these tools because Read more [...]

We often talk about social media and community engagement, but don’t always separate the two. It is important to understand the distinction between social media and community as well as how they complement one another within a social strategy. Social media tools and technology can help to cultivate a community or provide online locations where communities can exist and grow. The execution of social media strategy can achieve deeper levels of success and engagement due to the presence of a Read more [...]

An internship in any industry is vital to getting a foot in the door and a leg up on your competition with respect to obtaining a job. It helps determine if this field is the right one for the student or job-seeker, as well as provide the necessary introductory training for the intern to learn the basic skills of said profession. In public relations, an internship is often the key to a successful career in the field as it encompasses most of the duties a person finds in an entry-level position, Read more [...]

A friend and colleague of mine recently shot me an email asking me how can he gain more followers on Twitter. As I started to respond, I realized that although there were many resources available, my quick and dirty response could help some other folks as well. So, here is my best/shortest advice on gaining more Twitter followers: Follow folks who are going to be interested in what you have to say. (For the non-rock stars among us, there is a direct correlation between the number of people you Read more [...]

I’m all for social networking sites playing nicely in the sandbox. On a philosophical level, yes, thanks very much, LinkedIn, for allowing tweets to appear in your users’ status updates. Very kind of you. And Facebook, how generous of you to allow twitterers to use the tag #fb. I also understand why the management teams of social networking sites want to expand their footprints. The economics of online communities are still mired in metrics like churn. Unable to capture the long-term attention Read more [...]