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The imperative to “know your audience” is often cited as the first rule of content marketing, and with good reason. A sound understanding of your audience can inform every aspect of your content strategy, from development to distribution. But what does it really mean to “know your audience?” More importantly, what are specific ways to get to know your audience in order to maximize the results of your content marketing efforts? The answers lie in asking these six familiar questions from Read more [...]

Just when you thought that communication via email was becoming a relic of the past, a new report from McKinsey & Co. reveals that email is actually nearly 40 times more effective for reaching customers than Facebook and Twitter combined.  Likes, favorites and follows are great for engaging with your customers in real time, but email has remained the frontrunner for conversions. We’ve always seen the value in using email marketing to gain new customers and have recommended this for many Read more [...]

There are a ton of social media platforms out there with new platforms constantly being introduced. We all know the gratification that comes from finding a social media measurement, tracking, analytics, or aggregator tool that makes it easier to grow and know how you’re performing. Especially after the shut down of Google Reader, solid social media tools have become invaluable for PR and marketing professionals. That’s why when I came across this article from Inc outlining eight of the best Read more [...]

I’m in agreement with 86% of marketers - Facebook is here to stay, and is a critical tool for communicating with your audiences (although, I believe that for consumer brands, the odds of realizing strong ROI are better). In fact, I’m surprised that the statistic from Ad Age wasn’t higher. Consumers are using Facebook for everything – to search for new products and brands, email and chat with their friends, document their daily lives, find jobs, make purchases….the list goes on and on.  It’s Read more [...]

It’s one of the Ten Commandments of PR: transparency. Apparently the Coghlan Consulting Group didn’t get the memo. Back in September the PR firm came under fire after the LA Times uncovered that Coghlan was affiliated with fake news site, News Hawks Review, and had been shamelessly promoting their client Central Basin Municipal Water District of California on the site. Coghlan has an agreement between Central Basin’s public affairs office which promises promotional stories “written in the Read more [...]

Earlier this week I gave a workshop of Google+ & PR for PRSA-NY. The class was particularly timely due to the expected announcement in the very near future, of company or brand pages on Google+. Public relations professionals have seen the rise, and fall, of a variety of social networks over the last four to five years but there has never been a social network that was initiated by a company with so much clout, such a significant user base, a global presence and as deep pockets as Google. It’s Read more [...]

I miss Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men. There, I said it. I was curious to see how the show will unfold without him, so I tuned in to the first two episodes and still don’t really know how I feel yet about Ashton Kutcher’s new character. In any case, on the second episode of the season Kutcher’s character is shown on the phone with his soon-to-be-ex-wife and he’s working on a laptop with decals of several prominent companies such as Foursquare, Chegg, Hipmunk, etc. When I first saw Read more [...]

When I got engaged a few months ago, I promised myself that I would not turn into the type of person that blogs the experience. In fact, if I remember correctly – I might have made a few snide comments about people who turn their lives into one big rollicking frolicking wedding planning machine. I may have even swore that I would never torture my colleagues with the details of my wedding (colors, flowers, cake toppers…oh my). And yet, here I am. My excuse for this post is that as a marketing and PR Read more [...]

With more than 200 million users on Twitter, it has become increasingly difficult for people and brands to break through the noise that exists between them and their target audience on this medium. While Twitter may not have a ‘groups’ functionally like LinkedIn or Facebook, communities across the platform are able to directly engage and collaborate with each other through regular Twitter chats. Similar to other types of online chats and forums, a Twitter chat involves a group of online Read more [...]

As everyone in the industry knows, making your clients stand out from the crowd is vital in helping them achieve their PR and marketing goals. At times, this can be much easier said than done, but it’s our job to continue looking for ways to make this happen.  I came across a company this week that’s running a campaign to generate buzz through a way no one has done before – by sponsoring the White House. Australian laundry detergent brand, Vanish NapiSan, is attempting to become the official Read more [...]