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One of the questions we frequently get from clients is: How can we get press around industry events? The answer often depends on a variety of factors, including: The event type – Is this a major conference, or a smaller, more intimate event? The people – Will the Apples and Googles of the world be there? Is media attending and are they taking meetings? How many people and/or companies will be there? The spend – Did you secure booth space, or are you flying solo? Are you a sponsor, or Read more [...]

Rejection is par for the course in public relations, especially if media relations is one of your duties. Editors, reporters, producers: there will be a time when you hear a “no” from each one of them (That is, if you hear back at all—but that’s another post) during some time in your career. Don’t take it personally; media outlets receive hundreds, if not thousands of emails and phone calls during a regular business day and they cannot answer, or say yes, to everybody. However, when Read more [...]

In a culture where data is pervasive, numbers and statistics can be an especially compelling way to tell a story. Though it should be no surprise that communications professionals are more at home working with language than deciphering algorithms, when it comes to using data to build a successful media relations campaign, you don’t need an army of data scientists, statisticians and analysts to get the job done. In this post, we focus on seven tips that will help you put different types of data Read more [...]

As PR pros, we’re constantly faced with the challenge of coming up with creative pitch angles that will catch the media’s attention. Sometimes the hook is obvious, but often, headline-grabbing pitches require much more careful consideration and research to truly stick. Here are eight places you can look to make your next pitch timely, newsworthy, and even award-winning. National News: If morning shows or national newspapers cover a story, chances are extremely high that print/online magazines, Read more [...]

When a crisis breaks, things accelerate quickly. It takes only minutes for a scandalous tweet to end up as top news on Huffington Post, and only one reporter to post a story about something negative or controversial on your company for it to take off in the media like wildfire. In today’s 24/7 media cycle, you need a solid response plan in place well in advance in order for your organization to react immediately – if you begin developing a response plan once you’re in the midst of a crisis, Read more [...]

In part two of our series on Pew’s 2014 State of the Media Report, we explore the growth in digital native news and the steps PR pros can take to build successful relationships with these outlets. Pew Research Center’s recently released State of the Media report gave many in the news business a reason to be cautiously optimistic. The reason? Juxtaposed against ongoing contraction in traditional print media, digital news outlets have continued to grow considerably over the past year. Amid Read more [...]

On Wednesday, the Pew Research Center released their much-anticipated annual state of the media report. While commentators have been quick to offer their analysis of what the report means for journalists and the news industry, here at Tech Affect, we’re breaking down what the report means for PR professionals. Keeping pace with changes in the news industry is critical to providing strategic communications counsel. An intimate understanding of the latest media tools and trends allows Read more [...]

How I Got the Hit

by Katie Koenig on February 21, 2014

Publication: U.S. News and World Report Article: Justin Bieber’s Arrest: Addicted to Wealth and Power? Client: Caron Treatment Centers Goal: The goal of the pitch was to dig deeper into Justin Bieber’s recent actions to offer commentary from our client Caron Treatment Centers, which is a nationally recognized nonprofit provider of drug and alcohol addiction treatment. The angle we wanted to take with this pitch was how Justin Bieber’s latest actions may have been caused by something other Read more [...]

A big portion of our day at Affect is focused on media outreach for our PR clients. Because we’re pitching so often, sometimes it’s beneficial to go back to the basics, evaluate your process and make sure you’re checking off all of your boxes. Here’s a checklist of everything you should ask yourself before hitting the send button to that reporter. Do I understand the timeliness of the piece/topic? Why should the reporter write about this today? If there’s another breaking news item Read more [...]

One of the toughest feats for a PR professional is securing speaking and awards engagements, and I’ll tell you why.  Submitting an executive for consideration at an industry event or for an industry-recognized award requires mastering a delicate balance between relationship building, strong content, being aware of trends and industry conversations around the particular topic you’re proposing, and most importantly – standing out amongst the crowd. The following are four tips on how to successfully Read more [...]