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Every week, we like to hold mini-training sessions on everything from insider info from local “meet the media” events to the latest features on social media platforms. It’s a great way for our team members to share their expertise with the broader agency and learn valuable tips to help with the daily grind. Recently, I had the pleasure of leading a session that’s near and dear to my heart – running a PR campaign. Any successful PR effort requires careful planning, flawless execution Read more [...]


            Let me let you in on a little secret. I love making New Years resolutions, but I’m terrible at keeping them. All it takes is a few weeks before I slowly return to the comfort of my old habits. But this year will be different. I’m setting smaller, but still equally as important goals that I can actually reach. For my work-related resolutions, I’m vowing to ditch some of the bad habits I’ve accumulated over the years. And as Read more [...]


Hi TechAffect readers! I’m Katie Koenig, Affect’s newest hire! I was asked to write this blog post to show all NYIP entrants, voters, friends and family a glimpse into our wonderful office. I am currently one of Affect’s PR & Social Media interns and have been here since September 2011. I have loved interning at Affect and am thrilled to continue on as a full time Assistant Account Executive starting this May. Read on to see what it’s like at the Affect office! When you’re finally Read more [...]

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In public relations we are constantly monitoring news relating to our clients that we sometimes forget to keep up on our own industry. In order to help you with your weekly dose of industry news, I’ve included this week’s top PR articles below. 1. What SOPA Means for PR Professionals (Ragan’s PR Daily) SOPA was a major industry topic this week, with a large amount of websites, including Wikipedia, protesting the act. It’s interesting to see how this act influences public relations. Read more [...]


It’s one of the Ten Commandments of PR: transparency. Apparently the Coghlan Consulting Group didn’t get the memo. Back in September the PR firm came under fire after the LA Times uncovered that Coghlan was affiliated with fake news site, News Hawks Review, and had been shamelessly promoting their client Central Basin Municipal Water District of California on the site. Coghlan has an agreement between Central Basin’s public affairs office which promises promotional stories “written in the Read more [...]


We We We So Excited

by Affect Team on September 15, 2011

As we often do, several of us here at Affect were discussing press release language yesterday – reflecting on the some of the bad drafts we’ve seen, and the overuse of certain words (“innovative”, “leading”). One word that came to mind for all of us was “excited”, so I was, well, excited to see this new tumblr blog created by Mashable’s Todd Wasserman: “Everyone’s Excited in Press Releases.” Fed up with seeing the word “excited” used over and over in standard press releases, Todd says he reached Read more [...]


Where the tourists go, the flyers will follow. I’ve learned that during my lengthy Midtown commutes.  My journey to work takes me through some heavy trafficked tourist areas, and on any given day, I dodge at least 20 people trying to hand me something. Sightseeing tours, restaurant coupons, nail salon deals.  You name it, there’s a flyer in my way. To me, they’re all the same – I blow by them as quickly as possible – but to businesses, it is a real opportunity to get the word out, especially Read more [...]


With Internet Week 2011 winding down in New York City, we wanted to ask someone who saw about as much as of the week’s festivities as one person could. Here’s what you missed, and what you need to know about this year’s Internet Week from guest Stephanie Grayson, an experienced communications professional and friend of Affect’s. A PR or Advertising person attending Internet Week walks into a bar…. No, it’s not necessarily a joke that requires a fill-in-the-blank answer. There were Read more [...]


It only took nine days on Twitter for the Secret Service to learn an important lesson about the immediacy of social media. On Wednesday, an employee for the Secret Service — thinking they were logged in to their personal account — posted a tweet to the Service’s account that read, “Had to monitor Fox for a story. Can’t. Deal. With. The. Blathering.” The tweet created quite a buzz before it got deleted, as it got passed around Twitter through numerous retweets and screen shots. Fortunately Read more [...]


Whether you’re in public relations or a related industry, you’ve likely attended your fair share of networking events. Mingling with the crowd and making worthwhile connections isn’t easy. Here are some tips for working a room: 1) Plan Your Intro. When approaching someone you don’t know, think about an opening line (just don’t ask them if they come here often). A tried and true approach is to inquire about their connection to the organization hosting the event. 2) Engage the loner. Read more [...]