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The Netflix change in service fiasco continues to unfold this week. On Monday, the company revealed to investors the loss of 800,000 subscribers over the course of an already dismal quarter that involved a widely unpopular price increase and a failed plan to split its DVD and streaming services into two. Not surprisingly, stocks plummeted. So now is an opportune time for those of us in the industry to consider, what can Netflix do and what can we learn from the situation? Here I’ve laid Read more [...]

Great post from Robert Scoble on the devolution of tech blogs into groupthink. I read his description of the top tier tech blogging/tech PR ecosphere with interest: Tech blogging has become way too controlled by PR agents. You might not realize it, but the top blogs are contacted by PR folks dozens of times per day. This is why you’ll see 15 stories all appear on Techmeme at the same time. All with the same news. Only a few of whom slow down to ask “is this really useful.” See, we’ve Read more [...]

Following Sandra’s blog on Twitter last week (see April 25), I have to concur that Twitter is becoming a powerful communication tool that’s being underestimated and shouldn’t be overlooked. Especially by corporations. I’ve been following the Comcast/Twitter customer satisfaction dissatisfaction story of Michael Arrington (from the influential and highly read blog, TechCrunch) who was one very dissatisfied Comcast customer when his Internet service inexplicably went down for more than 36 hours! Unacceptable. Arrington’s Read more [...]

An article on Inc. magazine’s website entitled, America’s Coolest Internships, recently caught my eye. It’s actually a series of articles for students seeking great internships and advice for employers on how to create a successful internship program and subsequently hire the top performers. We have had some great interns at Affect Strategies and after reading the article, I am glad to see that we are following some of the best practices for attracting and hiring new talent. However, many interns Read more [...]

I saw this advertisement for G4TV in MediaWeek. It’s smart, creative, and gets straight to the point. I love the message and the copy…”The time has come. Today, geeks are cool.” Most of the advertisements in MediaWeek lead with demographic information and statistics – like the number of viewers, age range etc. These ads don’t illustrate the value of micro-targeting or trends. Who wouldn’t want to be cool like the geeks? Since not everyone gets as excited about Tech PR as I do, I also like to Read more [...]

We take pride in our geekiness (geekdom?) here at Affect and we’re always looking for ways to prove who holds the title of top geek. Recently we created a Technology Acronym Challenge with 25 of the most well-known and not so well-known acronyms that we use almost on a daily basis in our work in tech PR. Test your skill at deciphering what these acronyms really stand for: 1. ANR 2. API 3. CDMA 4. CRM 5. DNS 6. DSL 7. GIF 8. GPS 9. GSM 10. GUI 11. HTML 12. Read more [...]

Tech Thursdays Launch Party

by Sandra Fathi on February 11, 2008

Last week, PRSA-NY in collaboration with the PRSA Technology Section, launched Tech Thursdays. The event was hosted by Medialink and the fabulous and talented Mary Buhay, who organized the event. It was an opportunity for PR folks to mingle, learn a little about technology and gobble up the great eats and free spirits offered by our hosts. Having the event at Medialink also gave attendees the chance to tour their facilities including a television studio, control room, green room and makeup room. Read more [...]

I have been following the Microsoft/Yahoo acquisition story all morning, and, I must say, it’s amazing to me how many creative, well-written pieces the New York Times has posted on this subject today. The paper’s Technology home page is usually where I start my day at the office. From there, I usually get hooked into a Blogrunner headline or head into the Bits blog. Today, Saul Hansell posted two really thought-provoking posts on the merger in Bits: An Offer Yahoo Can’t Refuse, and the follow-up, Read more [...]

Queen on YouTube

by Sandra Fathi on December 24, 2007

It’s definitely a sign of the times when the Queen of England has her own YouTube channel: The Royal Channel. For all of the non-believers that think YouTube is a fad or is just for funny videos by amateurs, this is proof positive that YouTube is an essential part of any PR program, even for the British Monarchy. Although the most popular videos on YouTube sometimes seem to be aimed at entertaining catatonic teens, there are real opportunities for business value in every interaction. Although Read more [...]

For start-up companies, it’s often difficult to get the attention of mainstream media. If you don’t yet have a track record or marquee clients, it’s hard to convince the media that you are worth paying attention to. It’s always good practice to examine all the ‘news assets’ that your company has – the product, the people, the environment, the partners, the customers etc.  It could be a CEO’s quirky hobby that gets him included in a New York Times article, an office that was converted from an old Read more [...]